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Equipments at glance : Arogya

  • Digital Holter Recorder

    Digital Holter recorder is a three channel, seven-lead solid state device designed for 24 hour continuous recording of ambulatory ECG data. Its non volatile, removable, digital storage and rugged, compact design ensure reliable operation and long life, while its light weight enables patients comfort during daily activities. Contact Arogya for Holter Monitor equipments.

  • Erba Chem 5 Plus v2

    Advanced automatic analyzer from Transasia for all routine clinical chemistries, electrolytes, Immunoassays, Hormones, Coagulation and Drug Test.

  • NeoEldex

    Arogya is equiped with new Ready-to-use ELISA instrument NeoEldex which is designed, optimized and certified by Monobind for two-point analysis.NeoEldex is completely integrated with our immunoassays.

    • Programmed with Monobind's 50+ AccuBind® ELISA tests, parameters and data analytics for optimal results

    For more details and how to avail tests on most advanced scientific equipments and get accurate result contact Arogya. We care for your health.